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"Nothing Good Is Wasted" by Rob Halligan

"Nothing Good Is Wasted" by Rob Halligan


Today I am pleased to be able to tell you about a new release from Rob Halligan: "Nothing Good Is Wasted" which is a taster for us from his upcoming album, ‘Always Heading Home'. (Check out the review in "Hot Music Live" in May 2019 for his ‘We All Write The Songs').


The new song is a delicate piano led ballad which builds gently, adding an acoustic guitar & a few extra layers but that must be to add textures & variety since there is no grand crescendo nor climax: this is a simple heartfelt track with as much meaning at the beginning as at the end, so a consistency of sound is wholly appropriate.

Although there are eco themes embedded in the words, overall it would appear to be a manifestation of Rob's spiritual beliefs & specifically that there exists a place beyond the physical existence of this world & that things of beauty & value continue to live there once their earthly sojourn is passed. The melody & arrangement works effectively to evoke these timeless & infinite qualities & also to turn one's own mind in the direction of contemplation of the eternal.

Though once described by the BBC in relation to artists of the calibre of Bruce Springsteen and Billy Bragg (which is valid of course in terms of his songwriting skill, his honesty in writing & his commitment to writing about lives of real people), this type of song is a long way from the usual lyrical interests of such writers.

As an artist with a wide fanbase within & beyond the UK, Rob tours lot outside our immediate area & indeed has many shows planned for this year, both to play his new album and others such as ‘Psalm' (released in 2018)

However you can catch him locally on these occasions:

25th February at The Wurzel Bush Folk Club in Rugby

5th April at Willow and Tool's Music Parlour at the Harvester in Long Itchington

6th June at Motofest in Coventry (on Greyfriars' Green)

14th June at the

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