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Video: DMT live at The Assembly, 8/12/2016

Last month, a 3-man Hot Music Live team (MikeD, PaulD and I - *) were at The Assembly not only taking photos of Desert Mountain Tribe, who were opening for Reef, but we had also been authorised by their promo company, Impressive PR, to shoot some video footage too! Well, here is the final edited version...

I do hope you like our video and enjoy this performance by Desert Mountain Tribe as much as me. I think they're a great band with a bright future in the big music world!

* Footnote: MikeD, who has recently started up a new photography/videography business, Michael Stewart Duffy Media, is no newcomer to the local music scene. Not only is Mike a keen musician but he is actually the founder of Leamington Music Scene (LMS), the forerunner of Hot Music Live! Mike's father, PaulD, is also well known to the music scene as also being a collaborator on LMS in addition to being the renowned live-music videographer, MicroStu! So, if you are looking for some digital media for yourself or your band or venue, I highly recommend that you contact these guys!


Desert Mountain Tribe at The Assembly, 8/12/2016

There was no hanging about tonight, no sooner than back from the day job, I was off out again: The Assembly were squeezing in 2 bands before a club night! Armed with our cameras, tonight's 3-man Hot Music Live team arrived at 7pm, just in time for the doors to open, yet still ahead of the crowd apart from a half-a-dozen avid female Reef fans. A short delay, then we were in… but not very far in - the staff need to locate our promised photo passes! Despite this taking only a few minutes, by the time we had raced up the stairs, the support band, Desert Mountain Tribe, were already half-way through their first song!

The three-man unit, Jonty Balls (guitar/vox), Felix Jahn (bass) and Philip Jahn (drums), apparently play psych/kraut/shoegaze. [Who the hell comes up with these genres? Ed.] These guys recently headlined, and packed out, London's Electowerkz, however, being a support band can sometimes be a cruel job: a ten minute sound-check and an early half hour spot to a very sparsely populated room. Deserving better after their recent tour successes, they didn't shirk from the task in hand, making several new fans while they were at it, including the HML team. The room steadily filled as they made their way through their short set - all six of their songs tonight were from their highly-rated debut album, 'Either That Or The Moon'. Whatever the official genre is, their sound consists of anthemic vocals, cutting guitar, dominant bass riffs and a powerful back-beat to create their own wall of sound. Awesome! Shortly after leaving the stage, they appeared out front to spend time with their new admirers at their merch desk, Felix even stopping to have a brief chat with me - nice touch! The Hot Music Live team wish them all the best with their upcoming US tour - definitely a band to keep an eye on!

You can learn more about Desert Mountain Tribe in my previous article where I shared the official promo blurb with you:

(Continued, see - "Reef at The Assembly, Thurs 8th Dec 2016".)


Desert Mountain Tribe, on tour with Reef

Two weeks ago, we gave you Reef's official press release for their current tour, which sees them headline at The Assembly on Thursday. Well, we can now give you some info about their support band, Desert Mountain Tribe ...

"Their album is one of the greatest psych/kraut/shoegaze influenced albums of the 21st century" - GIGWISE

London-based psych-rock trio Desert Mountain Tribe unveil the visuals for their upcoming new single "Take A Ride", set for release on 9th December via Membran Entertainment Group.

The video features a chapter from the 1962 cult shockumentary "Mondo Cane". The unconventional, provocative and controversial footage presents taboo subjects in such a way that they would get past the censors and it consists of a series of travelogue vignettes including a dark but entertaining section on pre Beatles' Reeperbahn area of Hamburg, considered a magnet for those seeking pleasure and distraction from the cares of life.


"Since we are partly German we felt an instant connection to those scenes", the band explains, "the intimacy of the footage shows the true and raw emotions of people captured by the film makers and conveys an image of purity and innocence in a chaotic and brutally appearing surroundings".

The cosmopolitan trio formed by Jonty Balls from South London on guitar and vocals and German brothers Felix and Philipp Jahn, on drums and bass respectively, feel there is perhaps a connection between the murky world of mondo movies and the current political situation "not unlike our recent times with Brexit, something close to our hearts as two of us are from mainland Europe living in London - and Trump as a new president in the US. We feel that people want to be able to forget these things for a night and just live. As the song plays with these contradicting spectrums of life, the scenes chosen for the video underline those values and attentions of the song".

"Take A Ride" is the third single from their recently released debut album, "Either That Or The Moon", which was nominated for Drowned In Sound's coveted Neptune Music Prize, and firmly cemented Desert Mountain Tribe as a band to watch. Drawing comparisons with Kasabian and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, the band's unique sound has been described by Classic Rock as "darkly woozy, garage rock'n'roll" when they made "Runway" their "Track Of The Week".

Having recently notched up memorable live performances on their successful European tour; including sell-out shows in London and Rotterdam and recent standout performances at Rockaway Beach and Hackney Wonderland Festival. With their US tour seeing the group support artists like Toy, The Wytches, Damo Suzuki and Ringo Deathstarr - the three-piece has become a formidable and renowned international live act. Desert Mountain Tribe are playing a series of dates across the UK before the end of the year, and are fresh from headlining at the legendary Electrowerkz in Islington on 18th November.

See them at The Assembly, Leamington Spa, on Thursday, 8th Dec 2016.