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"Something Beautiful" by Luna Kiss


The release this morning of "Something Beautiful", the latest Luna Kiss single, not only evidences the hard work the band have been putting in & the consequent run of top class releases in 2022, but also a confirmation that the shift away from the gory & macabre of "Operate" and "Lust For Blood" seen with "All On Me" (which we reviewed in May) is continuing….. this is not a one dimensional band.

Again we are invited into the world of interpersonal relationships & as with most things with which the band concern themselves, they are most interested in the extremes of the emotional spectrum. Thus we are getting a break up song from the viewpoint of someone who mourns the end of (you guessed it) "something beautiful" yet self aware enough to recognise some sort of fundamental flaw in that state of affairs as he acknowledges it as "the best mistake that (he) ever had". And it's these tensions which make for convincing songs isn't it?

Another attention attracting anthem which Luna Kiss specialises in, "Something Beautiful" raises the bar I think in terms of unexpected musical twists & sudden shifts: again a group characteristic but demonstrated here maybe more than ever.

The band have gone for something which even by their standards they consider to be "..high energy, very rock and roll but also blending more punk.." which I certainly can discern (though frankly the general level of Luna Kiss songs is at the top end of energy anyway: that's part of their allure to audiences) though fascinatingly they also included emo themes in the composition: I had to play the song again to understand this aspect.

In fact the overall impression is one of a certain defiance in the face of the situation where " go in all guns blazing anyway.." despite the odds or any likelihood of success. It's a statement of not being easily beaten and "..that "middle finger up" to those who bring you down.. If it pays off, brilliant. If it doesn't, well at least we caused some mayhem in the meantime."

All this passion necessarily places demands on Wil's vocals which rise to the occasion & are accompanied by one of the few savage guitar solo segments in this recent series of releases: again that's interesting as you might consider it another band trademark, but they seem to be holding this sort of thing back to increase its power & not let it become weakened by over-deployment.

What is particularly interesting is that although the fourth released in this recent run, it was the first they really completed & so enabled them to "..define the tone, mood and energy for the other songs. We went back and revisited the other tracks after discovering the personality in this one."

And that little phrase is perhaps, intentionally or subconsciously, a useful key to getting your mind around "Something Beautiful". It has personality in spades. Musically it's outside simple genres & the attitude it displays is pretty in your face. However lesser bands can (and do) fake attitude all the time (it's often quite funny to hear them at it) but can you fake personality? I think not.

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"All On Me" by Luna Kiss


Today sees the release of the latest Luna Kiss single which has the title of "All On Me". Hot on the heels of last month's "Lust For Blood" and February's "Operate", this is the sound of a band in a hurry to make up time lost: and I mean that literally. The songs rush at you with an exuberance wholly in keeping with such an exciting live band.

Unlike its two predecessors, "All On Me" is less obviously surgical in theme (unless you count in the clinical precision of the playing) and the gore quotient is limited to the emotions.

In fact the over riding idea is that of compassion: of positivity and of communal support for each other. The mood is still very dynamic and hits you square on, but this song has a sense (at least in certain passages) of holding back to create strong contrasts within the track & enhances both the power & the discernibility of the lyrics.

One thing I think might be worth saying too about this trio of Luna Kiss singles is how well they reflect their live sound: the key USP which first attracted my attention & I imagine everyone else's too. It's hard enough to do this for any artist, but when your style is based so heavily on excitement (and how do you record that easily?) and powerful playing which comes across more readily at concert rather than headphone volume levels, it's a big ask but I feel the band seem to have cracked that particular challenge.

The last two singles also had eye catching videos to accompany them: in completely different styles too. I gather one is coming for "All On Me", so as they say, you' better watch this space.


You can hear "All On Me" too on the "Hot Music Live Presents" Spotify playlist via this link:

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"Lust For Blood" by Luna Kiss


Out now from Luna Kiss is their new single "Lust For Blood", the follow up to the excellent "Operate".

In fact "follow up" perhaps has rarely been so apposite as the song seems to take the surgical theme of its predecessor & run with it into much more explicit & gory territory: not merely medical but criminal, military & other areas where the desire to draw blood for beneficial & malevolent reasons can be found. However mixed into all those analogies, there is actually (I think) a love story lurking: one in which the lovelorn protagonist is using the most vivid of language in order to try & express his anguish.

It's hard to say that the single is close to the hearts of the band without wincing given the imagery in the single, but it is something they've worked hard on for over a year, determined to stay positive & creative while unable to gig.

Coming close to Massasauga in content & style at times, "Lust For Blood" certainly plays to the band's considerable strengths (I bet they are itching to play it live) and roars and fizzes along with the characteristic surges of energy as each element in the sound is given its own showcase in the arrangement, with dynamic shifts from punkish fury to more intimate passages, accompanied as always by Luna Kiss' skill at riffing memorably on every instrument.

If you want to get a pretty graphic (in every sense) feel for the song, why not check out the animated video which accompanies it. In fact so committed were they to the project that guitarist Chris actually acquired the skills of animation himself in order to create it:

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"Operate" by Luna Kiss


If like me, you've been enjoying the excellent video from Luna Kiss for "Operate" (check it out via, a film which harks back to the early glory days of the medium in its clarity of narrative, then you'll be pleased to hear that the song itself is out today in its own right.

At the beginning of what the band have revealed as an "exciting year" for them, the song follows the special live session version of "You Are", crafted to offer a release from the frustrations of the band & their audience for the lack of live opportunities back in December 2020: and this is a band whose popularity is based around the incandescence of their performances.

I am totally confident that "Operate" will not only add another individual gem to that already scintillating setlist but sets out their mission for 2022 & a return to active service.

Winter is a morose season & a winter after two years of a pandemic even more so: we need things to blow the emotional cobwebs away & it's great to see artists respond to that challenge. One such breath of fresh air was the debut single from Ezza Brianna ("I Wouldn't Wanna Be Ya" which we reviewed a couple of weeks ago: "Operate" is another.

Like the shots in arms & transfusions depicted in the visuals, the song injects a necessary energy into our lives on hearing it. However Luna Kiss, though indisputably noisy, do not rely on volume and power alone: it's the shifts in dynamics which make the loud sections the more effective through contrast and one of the great strengths of the band is their ability to conjure up fresh riffs (they are probably the best in the area covered by this magazine in that respect). And I do not confine that observation to guitar parts: all the instruments in their own ways add interesting riffs & licks and none slips back into mundane, predictable mere accompaniment.

When you factor in the hard work which must have gone into combining all these elements and getting them to gel together & complement each other (and the production as much as the arrangement allows us to discern each element clearly despite the volume), you can tell how hard the band has worked on the track: and like all superior songs o this order, you get the impression that it was effortless.

Rock music, even indie rock has been around so long now that the genre always carries with it the potential for staleness (and there are plenty of "rock by numbers' purveyors out there). It's thanks to obviously class acts like Luna Kiss that the form can show that it has plenty of life left in it. They think they have a great year ahead of them: on this evidence they are surely right in their analysis.

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"You Are (Live Studio Session)" by Luna Kiss


To make up for not being able to gig, Luna Kiss have released a new single "You Are (Live Studio Session)" which is intended as a gift to their frustrated fans be trying to recreate the live experience as best they can from a safe social distance. In their own words "…it has sucked not being able to get out on the road this year and see you lot, our fans! Live music is an experience like no other, and creating those individual moments that are unique to every show is something that we all really miss."


As you can imagine from such a powerful live act, the outcome is impressive & you can hear the pent up frustration in their performance. In four & a quarter minutes they manage to express their own feelings & show their understanding of those of their audience too.

They express themselves as being very satisfied with the outcome (as they are entitled to be) and likewise with the actual process of making it (it must have been pretty cathartic). It features the characteristic Luna Kiss surges & abrupt gear changes which are almost as exhilarating out of your speaker as on stage. What is striking (and this must be a factor in why they chose this song rather than others) is how the lyrics apply so well to the current situation: almost as if they'd written it about our times….

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HEAD Relaunch event


If people think that the closure last autumn of Leamington's HEAD Records was a blow to the music lovers of Leamington: they were wrong.
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