Godiva 2019

Godiva 2019


Twice cajoled by my pal Andy Holdcroft to present my experience of Godiva Festival 2019 in a Hot Music Live article, I thought I'd best just get on with it. That said, the last article I wrote from scratch took me about 4 days. So, today is Monday, let's see how I get on ...

This was the first time that Godiva have charged entry, a mere £2 entry + £10 car parking. I have no problem with that and it seems by the audience size, nor did anyone else. Number plate recognition technology meant that, if you had paid in advance, you were simply waved through to the next available parking space and mobile phone technology, scanning of the QR code on your emailed virtual ticket made entry quick too.

So Friday, the first band on our must-see list was Free Galaxy, an exciting young band from Kenilworth scheduled first on in the Rock Tent, but just enough time beforehand to catch a few songs by The Session on the Main Stage. OK, let me point out here and now, every act I saw was brilliant! So I'm not going to try to find a different superlative for each one I mention hereafter. In fact, as a musician myself, I find it quite daunting how good the competition is ... but as Andy implied in his article, it's actually not a competitive environment, it's just one big supportive one! Still intoxicated by Free Galaxy's performance, it was a short race to catch Dodgy on the Main Stage, then up to Sam Mcnulty's Micro Acoustic Stage to catch the legendary Roddy Radiation before finally heading back to the Main Stage for headliners, The Levellers accompanied by a very enthusiastic audience. How come they knew all the lyrics? A sublime night of music, great crowd and perfect weather!

Saturday, only only being able to stay until 5pm meant that I was going to miss 2 of my favourite bands, Reef and Feeder! But I did get to see Riddimstone, Barbdwire, Wes Finch, The Rising, Brass Hip Flask, Rooted 'N' Booted, Ace Ambrose, James Lapworth, Joe Dolman, Ollie Bond, Romeo Sincere, Tippa Irie and Taylor-Louise!

Then finally,on Sunday, Levi Washington, Reece Bahia, Crokodile Tears, Angelo Cardone, The Selecter, Izzie Derry, Nicky Ager, The Sugar Hill Gang, The Swaps, Shanade (joined by Clint Bruder aka Brudez), Zkeletonz, Busted and Chasing Deer.

Here's some random info on/from some of the bands:


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