"On Bass, Sir Horace Gentleman"

"On Bass, Sir Horace Gentleman"

Just to remind you that if you have not yet visited Coventry Music Museum's amazing & extremely popular temporary exhibition, "On Bass, Sir Horace Gentleman", it is now in its final few weeks (if you have already seen it and want to see it again, the same applies of course).

As a result, the three unique pieces of artwork in the exhibition (the large piece of cassette art (which is pictured here as Horace handed it over to Pete Chambers BEM, the Museum's founder & curator, for the exhibition), the artfully decorated bass guitar and the large model of Horace's book) are now available for purchase for the discerning collector (please contact Pete at the Museum if you are interested).

Once Horace's exhibition has closed on 27th November, in the New Year, in its place will be another great exhibition: "Live & Die: A Celebration of The Enemy"


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