18/07/2017 The Tin - Gurdan Thomas

18/07/2017 The Tin - Gurdan Thomas

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18th July 2017:  The Tin, Coal Vaults, Canal Basin, St Nicholas St, Coventry CV1 4LY

English artist living in Bavaria coming to the UK touring "It's Not The End Of The World" album with German band and the Munich pub choir and with a brand new collaborative recording "I Forgive You For Being A Bitch".

The vibrant earthy sounds of Tuba, Accordion, and Ukulele mixed with a Bavarian horde of beer swilling singers will be descending on 5 British music venues from the 18th - 22nd July. The chaotic alternative band Gurdan Thomas lead by English composer songwriter Ian Chapman will be bringing their unusual brand of feel good music on tour to promote their new album "˜It's Not The End Of The World" with the Munchner Kneipenchor (Munich Pub Choir) in tow.

The Munich Pub Choir have been raising eyebrows and smiles since their relatively recent birth in a Munich Pub, where they rehearse weekly. With their uniform of casual baggy trousers, white shirt and complimentary beer bottle in hand, this group of fun loving men and women of Oktoberfest Town have been drawing attention through their love of singing together... and drinking.

Since Chapman (singer and songwriter of Gurdan Thomas) first saw them performing at the Birthday party of their Musical Director - he was reminded of his time in the Birmingham non-audition choir "Notorious" and it wasn't long before he was involved as a supporting musician and following that engaged the choir in a collaborative performance. They are currently recording a new single together "I Forgive You For Being A Bitch" which makes use of the typical English black humour and quirky sound that permeates Chapman's songwriting style.

They plan to smuggle a well concealed cargo of Bavarian beer on the tour buses to give the British music loving public a taste of home. One can only hope that after the long 800 mile trip to the UK there will be enough left for more than a few mouthfuls.

They will also be accompanied by Sandra Hollstein, who will be promoting her new album "Different Stories".

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