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Wrongmass (part 2 of 2)

Continued from "Wrongmass (part 1 of 2)".

It was now time for Satsangi. The audience, now at its peak, was ready for action! Su, with her snake-eye contacts in, and the boys did not disappoint. I am happy to announce, punk definitely ain't dead! Satsangi also treated us to some material I hadn't heard before.

Check out Satsangi here:

The next act was Grassroutes. How is it that I'd never seen this band before? They have a reputation for great live performances and I now understand why. Joined tonight by Custass Finnigan on trumpet and vocals, I'd describe their performance as energetic, comedic, tuneful and entertaining. If you like Ska that rocks, then keep an eye on our gig-guide and make sure you catch Grassroutes live somewhere soon!

Grassroutes links:

The last band on stage was Dissident Noize Factory with their techno/gypsy/punk. Picking up on the energy left by Grassroutes, DNF kept the crowd bouncing. This is a new band and it was their first gig - very impressive! This techo-punk brainchild of George Biddlington (formerly of Electric Spivs) consists of drums, bass, guitar, violin, harmonica. Once they got into their stride it was hard for them to stop, certainly the dancers wouldn't let them!

Dissident Noize Factory links:

NB: The DNF photos were courtesy of Thomas Wilson (aka Toad Hall)

A great night! Johnny has told me that the next 100% APE night is booked for March 18 - highly recommended!


Wrongmass (part 1 of 2)

100% APE Promotions put on some great shows at amazingly low prices. This night, at The Zephyr Lounge, we were getting no less than five bands (Dissident Noize Factory, Grassroutes, Satsangi, Shanade and Katie Raven), some great video artwork from Paul Windridge (the creative artist genius behind Satsangi's video artwork) and even some graffiti from Cap'n Crom all for a fiver!

Katie Raven and her band started the show rolling. I'm guessing that her setlist was made up from the songs that will soon appear on her debut album. They certainly got the night off to a great start and were well received by the audience.

Find more about Katie Raven here:

Shanade was up next. Surely everybody knows Shanade by now, she's famous around these parts, and rightly so, she and her band just keep getting better and better! Interspersed with the classic Shanade songs, we were introduced to some great new material.

Follow Shanade here:

Continued - see "Wrongmass (part 2 of 2)".


Reef at The Assembly, Thurs 8th Dec 2016

(Continued from "Desert Mountain Tribe at The Assembly, 8/12/2016".)

OK, who remembers Reef appearing on TFI back in the mid 90’s? I do. I also remember being completely blown away by them. Well, I reckon they're back, with a sound that's even bigger and better than back then!

The performance started with a thumping solo bass drum beat. The audience, now filling the room, were right on the ball, "one… two… one, two, three, four", then boom, as Jack’s bass signified lift-off! As you would imagine from a Reef gig, there was plenty of energy in the performance, in every sense the word. It wasn’t long before Gary and Jack threw off their heavy checked outer flannel shirts as they strutted around taking command of the stage, Gary belting out the vocals one number after another, his voice not faltering once! The first four songs saw the energy levels build, and then drop briefly while they gave us "Consideration". This song starts gently and builds - the audience ultimately providing backing vocals, "... it’s gonna be alright, it’s gonna be alright ..." led by the ladies on the front barrier immediately in front of the band with their arms raised in the direction of the band, providing the inspiration for Gary to effortlessly reach the high falsetto that the song finishes with. This is what live music is all about! The crowd enjoyed the moment too and gave the band an extended applause more fitting for the final song, not the fifth one in! The band were obviously touched too as Gary came to the mic to thank the crowd, followed by Jesse announcing, "You guys can f***ing sing can’t you! You’re the best yet!". Another 14 or 15 songs were still to come, including my personal favourites, "How I got Over" (their version of a classic gospel song), "Summer's in Bloom", "Yer Old", plus a few new songs that will appear on the new album (promised for release early next year), and, believe it or not, "Paint It Black", at which point I had a quick scan of the audience to see if Jesse's old-man was in the audience. I think he missed a top night, top bands, a top venue, but most of all, a top audience! Nice one Leamington!

(You can read more about Reef and their tour here: )


Desert Mountain Tribe at The Assembly, 8/12/2016

There was no hanging about tonight, no sooner than back from the day job, I was off out again: The Assembly were squeezing in 2 bands before a club night! Armed with our cameras, tonight's 3-man Hot Music Live team arrived at 7pm, just in time for the doors to open, yet still ahead of the crowd apart from a half-a-dozen avid female Reef fans. A short delay, then we were in… but not very far in - the staff need to locate our promised photo passes! Despite this taking only a few minutes, by the time we had raced up the stairs, the support band, Desert Mountain Tribe, were already half-way through their first song!

The three-man unit, Jonty Balls (guitar/vox), Felix Jahn (bass) and Philip Jahn (drums), apparently play psych/kraut/shoegaze. [Who the hell comes up with these genres? Ed.] These guys recently headlined, and packed out, London's Electowerkz, however, being a support band can sometimes be a cruel job: a ten minute sound-check and an early half hour spot to a very sparsely populated room. Deserving better after their recent tour successes, they didn't shirk from the task in hand, making several new fans while they were at it, including the HML team. The room steadily filled as they made their way through their short set - all six of their songs tonight were from their highly-rated debut album, 'Either That Or The Moon'. Whatever the official genre is, their sound consists of anthemic vocals, cutting guitar, dominant bass riffs and a powerful back-beat to create their own wall of sound. Awesome! Shortly after leaving the stage, they appeared out front to spend time with their new admirers at their merch desk, Felix even stopping to have a brief chat with me - nice touch! The Hot Music Live team wish them all the best with their upcoming US tour - definitely a band to keep an eye on!

You can learn more about Desert Mountain Tribe in my previous article where I shared the official promo blurb with you:

(Continued, see - "Reef at The Assembly, Thurs 8th Dec 2016".)


Smith Street Party, 2016

The end of July in Warwick means only one thing, The Folk Festival, right? Wrong! The Smith Street Traders have been putting on The Smith Street Party for 11 years and the last 5 of those have featured live (non-folk) music, organised by Jonn Burnip and PA run by Ash Hopkins, both from The Last Minute!

This year's line-up was: The Last Minute + HunkyDavy + Zed Lepp + The Rushmore + Sam Powell Blues Band + The Folly Brothers + Laurence Wood Trio + Jack Hopkinson + Josh Griffiths (sorry, no pic).

As you can see from the final photo, everyone had a great time. Another brilliant Smith Street Party.


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